The Italian Riviera west of Genoa, in addition to exceptionally beautiful seaside settings, is full of medieval towns to explore and activities for young and old alike.

In Borgio Verezzi, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, time seems to have come to a halt as you walk along the creuze, the old mule tracks that were used to bring produce of the land down to the sea, and admire the characteristic medieval houses with their terrace roofs of Saracenic origin. Every year, Verezzi is the venue of a major Italian theatrical event, the theatrical festival of Borgio Verezzi. A Borgio, another interesting excursion is a visit to the Grotte di Valdemino, very colourful caves with an internal lake and an itinerary of approximately 800 metres. Another destination within walking distance along the paths that meander through the Mediterranean scrub is Final Borgo, another settlement classified as one of the most beautiful of Italy and worthy of a visit because it conserves all the characteristics of a fortified settlement of the fifteenth century. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the basilica of San Giovanni Battista, a well-conserved example of the baroque style in Liguria. With a short ride in the car, you can reach Noli, one of the ancient maritime republics, where the ruins of the castle of the Marchesi del Carretto and the church of St Paragorio, a national monument, still stand. A day of amusement for young and old is just 15 km away at “Le Caravelle”, an aquapark with pools, slides and games for an out-of-the-ordinary day. Don’t forget that the city of Genoa is less than an hour away by car or train. In addition to offering the largest aquarium in Europe, it will surprise you with its medieval alleys, Palazzo Ducale and the Palazzi dei Rolli.

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