The sea and the mountains make the Italian Riviera west of Genoa an ideal location for outdoor sport, from climbing to scuba diving, from mountain bike to snorkelling and, finally, hiking.
There are many sites equipped for climbing and, depending on their exposition, they are also used during the winter months with itineraries that are appropriate for beginners and families. Mountain bike enthusiasts will also find many tracks, again with levels of difficulty to satisfy different capacities and expectations.
There are many trekking itineraries in the area around Finale Ligure, Varigotti, Noli and Spotorno, including less challenging paths that are appropriate for children, even during the winter months with the typically milder temperatures. The paths are all well-marked and many depart right from the Pietra Ligure train station.
For scuba diving, we suggest the stella and marassi shoals in the area of Finale Ligure; Pifferaio and Canalone in the Bergeggi protected marine area. Snorkelling is also possible in the same areas.
Finally, for all outdoor sport enthusiasts, there are two must-see events: FLOW, the Finale Ligure Outdoor Week, a whole week dedicated to enthusiasts of outdoor sport who can observe contests and international competitions; and the WEMBO World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships held in Finale Ligure, a gripping competition on the Altipiano delle Manie itinerary.

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